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CSSP Background Information

The following is a list of research material used to guide the creation of the Cowichan Shoreline Stewardship Project.  Please click on the title to view the associated report.

The reports are organized under the following topics, click on the topic to take you to the appropriate section.

Reports on Lake Cowichan's Aquatic Resources


Cowichan Lake Shoreline Habitat Assessment

Foreshore Inventory and Mapping Project

Volume I - Report October 2012


The primary objective of this report is to provide a baseline overview of the shoreline conditions of Cowichan Lake. The methods employed are discussed in detail and these are now a provincial standard being used to map lake shorelines throughout BC.

The mapping method will allow stakeholders to understand current conditions of a given shoreline, and subsequently measure and monitor changes in the future. The report also brings together assessments of fish and fish habitat of the lake’s shoreline and small (1st order) streams discharging into the lake.

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 The Shoreline of Cowichan Lake:

A Report Card (2012)

This brief summary provides an overview of shoreline habitat attributes and land use issues for Cowichan Lake. This provides valuable guidance concerning critical features, habitats and related geological processes that influence the shorelines of Cowichan Lake.

This brochure provides highlights of three shoreline assessment reports completed on the lake between 2010 and 2012.

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Cowichan Lake Lamprey Habitat Use Field Survey

Final Report 2012

A study to assess habitat preferences and locations along the Cowichan Lake foreshore where lamprey reproduce and rear.

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Cowichan Valley Watershed Atlas Herpetofaunal Habitat Information

A report looking at the habitat preferences of amphibian species commonly found on the Cowichan Lake Shoreline.

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Cowichan Lake Erosion Assessment (Jan. 2012)

An overview report to assess the erosion processes on Cowichan Lake, including a rating of shoreline vulnerability to erosion.

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Cowichan Lake Shoreline Fish Habitat & Population Survey - Winter 2012-2013

A follow –up report to the Foreshore Inventory and Mapping report (Oct. 2012) where a select group of foreshore sites are assessed in the winter months for juvenile fish abundance.

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Mapping of Shoreline Resources


Shoreline Disturbance Mapping of Cowichan Lake

A compilation of maps which summarize the findings of the Foreshore Inventory and Mapping Report completed in 2010, along with Herpetofauna and Cowichan Lake Lamprey preferences.

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Community Mapping Network Cowichan Lake Website

A website where all of the 2010 Cowichan Lake Foreshore Inventory Mapping Geo-referenced data was loaded. This interactive map of Cowichan Lake allows the user to modify what information is shown on the map.

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Cowichan Lake Water Quality


Water Quality Objectives for Cowichan Lake:

Overview Report

Outlines the reasons for completing a water sampling program on Cowichan Lake and the purpose of setting Water Quality Objectives. The report was compiled by Ministry of Environment with the assistance of CLRSS.

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Water Quality Assessment & Objectives:

Technical Report 2011

This report is the technical document for the setting of Water Quality Objectives for Cowichan Lake. A series of water quality standards are recommended for the lake.

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General Lake Management


Green Shores - A new approach to Shoreline Development

Green Shores provides for home owners and communities, the stories, resources and examples presented here can inspire you to make choices that will be beneficial to everyone in the long term.

It also provides options and tools for a wide range of planning, design and construction professionals who are interested in minimizing the environmental impacts of their projects in a cost effective manner.

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Shuswap Lake Integrated Land Planning Process (SLIPP)

SLIPP began in 2008 as a way to bring together communities, First Nations, and public agencies to ensure that the Shuswap watershed remains a great place to live, work, and play. It was launched in response to increased development, pollution entering the lakes, and conflicting demands on recreation resources. The SLIPP process has ended, however the website, complete with valuable resources and links is a good model to gauge how effective lake communities can be in protecting and restoring the environment.

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BC Lake Stewardship Society

This site is a wealth of information regarding the Society, our current and past programs and projects as well as limnological ("freshwater science") information and reports. We, the CLRSS, are members of this Society.

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