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Riparian Issues

Benefits of Natural Shorelines

Building Fish Friendly Docks

Invasive Plants

Native Plant Nurseries

Riparian Revegetation

Riparian Area Regulation


Restoration Contractors

Maps of Lake Cowichan

Public Lake & River Access Points

Reporting Riparian, Fisheries or Boating Infractions




Riparian Issues

Benefits of Natural Shorelines

CLRSS Riparian Insights Brochure

Ribbons of Life: Tips for Living on the Water

Saving Riparian Sensitive Ecosystems (East Vancouver Island & Gulf Islands)

Working Near Water

Building Fish Friendly Docks

Dock and Boathouse Construction in Freshwater Systems

Invasive Plants

Broom Busters

Coastal Invasive Plant Committee

Invasive Species Council of BC

On Line Invasive Plant Reporting

Native Plant Nurseries

Click here for an extensive list of native plant nurseries.

Native Plant Society of BC

Native Plant Study Group

Streamside Native Plants

Riparian Revegetation

Riparian Areas & Revegetation

Riparian Care & Maintenance Manual

Riparian Area Regulation

BC Gov't: Riparian Areas Regulation

Homeowners Guide To Riparian Areas Regulation

CVRD: Area F OCP ("Section 15")

CVRD: Area I OCP ("Section 13")

Town of Lake Cowichan Official Community Plan

This is a PDF document.  Once it opens, search for "17.4 Watercourse and Streamside Protection"

CLRSS Summary of Rules


Cowichan Lake Erosion Assessment

Lakeshore Erosion and Hazard Mapping

Restoration Contractors

Adams Environmental Solutions

Madrone Environmental Services

Polster Environmental Services (250-746-8052)


Reporting Riparian, Fisheries or Boating Infractions

RAPP: Report violations of the Riparian Zone to the RAPP Line

ORR: Report fisheries violations to the ORR line

Report boating infractions to the RCMP

Maps of Lake Cowichan

A map showing how much of Lake Cowichan's foreshore is in an undisturbed state.

A map showing ownership of the foreshore of Lake Cowichan.

An interactive map showing Lake useage, types of shoreline, fish bearing creeks, etc. etc.

Miscellaneous Links

BC Lake Stewardship Society

BC Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program

Community Mapping Network

Cowichan Lake Community Forrest Co-Operative

Cowichan Lake District Chamber of Commerce

Cowichan Lake Shoreline Management Workshop (2013)

Cowichan Valley Regional District

Cowichan Valley Watershed Atlas

Cowichan Watershed Board

Friends of Bridge Lake

Go With the Flow - Water Woman Speaks!

Lake Cowichan First Nations

One Cowichan

Quamichan Stewards

Saltspring Island Water Protection Authority (SSIWPA)

Saving the Cowichan River (Ashburnham Salmon Fry Rescue)

Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society

Town of Lake Cowichan

Valley Fish And Game Club

Vancouver Island Blue-Listed Freshwater Sportfish Recovery Plan (2006)